I Don’t Just Talk to Myself

I read something somewhere (and I am paraphrasing here): “If you see me talking to myself, please move along, I am a small business owner and having a staff meeting.”

I believe most self-employed folks, especially those who work from home can relate! But, yes, I often talk to my dogs as well – most furbaby moms and dads can relate to this as well. I am not crazy but often find myself alone at home while my husband works his butt off to help support my dream because he’s AWESOME! So I get lonely and talk to my dogs, and sometimes it helps to thwart my solitude. (I mean, you can only run Bones season 1-12 on demand in the background so many times before you crave some sort of social interaction.) My dogs listen to my troubles, get excited when I am excited over my accomplishments, and comfort me when I feel defeated. They do it all without judgement…err, but maybe a treat or two.

So graduate from talking to yourself and start talking to your dogs! Experts say talking to them is good for them as well anyway (yep, read that somewhere too)!