Hide & Seek

Antoni Gaudi, a great organic Modernism architect, once said

“Nothing is art, if it does not come from nature”.

I do not hide the so called flaws found in leather but often seek to include them. As long as they do not disrupt the integrity of the item it is to become part of next, I do not want to erase the story of that animal. Fat wrinkles, scars and discoloration can add an unbeatable touch of character and beauty to a piece – one that only nature can make.

Why would you not want to include that story for others to read!

The Hard Way…

So, I have been wanting to dive into the leather world of knife sheath making and eventually holster making as well. My own lack of confidence caused a significant delay. Finally, I found a really interesting template for a knife sheath holster by Makers Leather Supply online. As you might imagine, I got really excited – click, click and bought! Then when it arrived, I was overcome with excitement to start making. I neglected to work a few things out. Those few things I have learned the hard way with this new venture are as follows:

1. Cut the belt slots AFTER you piece the front and back panels together. Will save a ton of sanding and your hands!

2. Stitch a practice piece first so you can hash out the stitching sequence. This is always my ‘Achilles Heal’ – EVERY TIME – I just want to go for it! (I refuse to learn from my mistake with this one.)

Admittedly, I do enjoy learning the hard way – I think it builds character in me and my product! So last but certainly not least…

3. Find joy even within the mistakes you make.